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Wheelchair Accessories

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  1. Light Drive Power Assist

    The Light Drive can be used by nearly all wheelchair users. It turns your manual wheelchair into an ultra-light, high performance electric wheelchair in a matter of seconds.

    The Light Drive is controlled with a joystick and yet remains as manoeuvrable and as easy to use as a manual chair. By releasing the clutch you can free wheel giving you the freedom to choose when to use it.

    Installed in about 20 seconds, the speed is controlled with a twisting accelerator handle mounted on one of the rear handles. Safety is improved as the Light Assist holds the chair back when going downhill.

    Features Instant installation in 15 seconds Light and easily transportable Can be fitted on almost any wheelchair starting with 32cm seat width. (Contact us for more complex wheelchairs) Can be transported by plane (12 Ah lithium battery) Removable Discreet and unobtrusive design Colour of your choice Tackles almost any terrain Indoors/outdoors
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1 Item(s)