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  • Equagel cushion with out cover showing the green gel grid pattern
  • Equargel Cushion with black cover

The General Equagel Pressure Cushion


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100% EquaGel™

2” tall EquaGel™ in two stages.

The top layer is thin wall gel and a tight grid for a comfort layer .

The bottom layer is thicker wall gel and a wide grid for deep posture support.

The pelvic area of the cushion is contoured to more evenly distribute a user’s weight than other cushions, while retaining 1 ¼” of buckling gel under the pressure points.

Fluid resistant, Vapour permeable, flame resistant cover

1.EquaGel™ is a dry-polymer gel, almost rubbery to the touch. It has unbelievable tensile and compression strength and incredible durability; but these are not what make EquaGel™ special.

2.Its most amazing feature is the column buckling. Simply put, column buckling refers to the way EquaGel™ behaves under weight. Each wall of gel is capable of supporting only a light load. When that threshold is exceeded, the wall of gel buckles into the hollow area between walls and passes the weight to the surrounding walls for support.

3.This “buckling and weight-passing” happens instantly and repeatedly until the maximum surface area of pressing weight is evenly supported by largely equalized pressure (hence our name, EquaPressure).

4.The peak pressure points of the ischial tuberosities and the coccyx/sacrum buckle into the EquaGel™ feeling almost as if they are freefloating within the cushion while the thighs and buttock of the user are supported.

5.Each cushion also utilizes a two-stage buckling approach. The top of the cushion as a small grid of gel that is extra sensitive of pressure needs, it is the comfort layer. This top layer buckles easily and allows the parts of a user that need support to sink into the lower layer, the support layer, while holding the rest of the user up in good posture.

Sizes Available 16”W x 16”D x 2.5”H

16”W x 18”D x 2.5 ”H

18”W x 16”D x 2.5”H

18”W x 18”D x 2.5”H

20”W x 16”D x 2.5”H

20”W x 18”D x 2.5”H

22”W x 16” D x 2.5”H

22”W x 18” D x 2.5” H

24”W x 16” D x 2.5” H

24”W x 18” D x 2.5” H

26”W x 16” D x 2.5” H

26”W x 18” D x 2.5” H

28”W x 16” D x 2.5” H

28”W x 18” D x 2.5” H

30”W x 16” D x 2.5” H

30”W x 18” D x 2.5” H

Additional Information

Contour Depth No
Drive No
Seat Size No
Maximum Obstacle Height No
Product Weight No
Size 18 x 18 inch
Seat Width Range (inchs) No
Brand No
Range No
Gross Weight (KG) No
Max User Weight No
Motor Type No
Max Speed (KM/H) No
Safe Working Load No

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