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18 March 2021 - Perth Open Morning with Morning Tea and PD SessionsRead More
4 Mar 2021 3:50:43 pm By Antoinette Way PD workshop, clinical education, , Events,
Using the ascent power wheelchair to lift your client’s goals.Read More
25 Feb 2021 11:07:03 am By Antoinette Way PD workshop, clinical education, standup power wheelchair, Events,
PDG Mobility proudly introduces a new option for our popular Fuze T50: A narrow frame configuration which reduces the overall width of of the chair to seat plus only 4″. The new Fuze T50n allows for improved access through narrow doorways and maneuvering in tight spaces while maintaining its full 50 degree tilt range.Read More
15 Jul 2020 10:05:08 am By Antoinette Way PDG, TILT IN SPACE, , News,
Linds Rehabilitation Equipment Opening a Second Location – Broadmeadows Victoria!
It is with much anticipation and excitement that we formally announce the opening of our second business location in Broadmeadows, Victoria!Read More
25 Mar 2020 2:31:09 pm By Antoinette Way Clinic Room, trial, , News,

An Important Message, COVID-19: Our Prevention Measures

Read More
19 Mar 2020 9:55:54 am By Antoinette Way COVID-9, Coronia Virus, News,

NDIS Process Peer Support Group, people chatting in groups

It is no secret that NDIS presents new challenges and changes in the way we think and present information. It has put increasing stress on all aspects of the disability system and we, on the whole, have noticed the burnout and impact it has had on our community of therapists.

Linds has always enjoyed opening our doors to the therapists on our "Open Mornings", inviting you to join us to view and trial new products we have available. At the start of this year,

we would like to open our doors once again and invite our community of therapist's to visit us at our showroom and partake in peer support and networking group; engaging in discussion about NDIS process and applications, evidence for best practice and learning how to write applications in an insurance-based model.

We have limited spots available due to space, and therefore have decided to run two workshops on the same day, 2.5 hours in duration. The workshops will be lead by our OT Clinical Educator, Lauren Hunter.

We hope you find the time to join us on Thursday 27th February, between 9:30 am-noon OR 12:30-3 pm.

30 Jan 2020 11:03:51 am By Antoinette Way Training Day, Open Morning, NDIS, Events,
PDG Power Tilt update
PDG Mobility is pleased to announce exciting news about our Power Tilt system. Hint: it’s now faster and also available on the Bentley.Read More
24 Jan 2020 12:05:44 pm By Antoinette Way News,

Linds office will be closed from midday 24th December 2019, we re-open 8.00am 6th December 2020

We want to take this opportunity to wish you and your family and friends a safe and happy holiday as well as a very happy new year.

If you have an urgent service during this time please contact, service@lindsrehab.com.au.

19 Dec 2019 4:15:07 pm By Antoinette Way 2019 End of Year, News,
Years of research has highlighted the sedentary complications that come to individuals with prolonged wheelchair use; including pressure area development and reduced tolerance to be in the wheelchair due to pain and postural abnormalities.Read More
28 Oct 2019 12:32:02 pm By Antoinette Way Training Day, PDG, Manual Wheelchairs, Dynamic Wheelchairs, Events,
Wheelchair Adjustment Training This event is an action-packed, hands-on event where you will be learning all you need to know around wheelchair adjustment. Save time by doing all the simple configuration changes to your client's wheelchair yourself. 'Read More
3 Oct 2019 4:55:54 pm By Antoinette Way Training Day, , Events,
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